The 5 essential objects for camping holidays in Finistère

That's it! That's it! This weekend the whole family has agreed and it is in Finistère that you will spend your next holiday camping. You won't regret it! Soon will come the long-awaited time to pack, without forgetting anything. To help you, here are the 5 objects you will absolutely need during your stay in Finistère. To be taken in the second degree, for once;)

A YELLOW CIRÉ, because it rains all the time in Finistère!

If you've chosen Finistère, it's because you've had enough of hot, sunny summers where you can't wait for a refreshing drizzle to arrive. You did well because in Finistère, it rains all the time! As much to say that votre yellow ciré will quickly become the essential garment of your holidays. Beware however, because it is very frequent that the sun makes an appearance between two showers! As an accessory and as a precaution, bring your sunglasses and your tube of sun cream... you never know!

A KIT D'ALPINISTE to undertake the ascent of the Monts d'Arrée!

Harness, rope, ice axe, crampons, altimeter and compass... this is what you need to venture into the high mountains of Finistère and attack the Armorican Massif! If you camp around Brasparts or the Huelgoat forest in the heart of Finistère and you are passionate about mountaineering, you will absolutely have to take up the challenge of climbing the Monts d'Arrée, the highest mountains in Brittany! After the difficult and very physical ascent of Roc'h Ruz, whose vertiginous summit exceeds 380 meters of altitude and discourages the most experienced climbers, you will be amply rewarded by a magnificent view on the long ridges, the pretty valleys and the wild landscapes covered with moors of heather and gorse.

A PERFORMING GPS so you don't get lost at the end of the world!

With all these villages that start for "plou" and end with"-ec", we quickly get lost in the Finisterian pampas and find ourselves at the Pointe du Raz, in other words at the end of the world, without even realizing it! At night, lost a thousand miles from your campsite, it is better to have a GPS that works well at the risk of having to sleep in the car, camping wild on the beach (which is forbidden!) or bivouac in the forests that we say are populated by korrigans and other small creatures...

A FRENCH DICTIONNAIRE /BRETON to get used to the language!

We advise you to always carry a small French Breton dictionary. Indeed, in Finistère, traffic signs are written in Breton. Even if it doesn't sting as much as Cyrillic, it takes a little time to adjust. If you are camping in South Finistère, near Concarneau, Fouesnant or Trégunc, open your eyes wide and look for the signs indicating respectively "Konk Kerne", "Fouenn" and "Tregon".

A BRETON COIFFE, indispensable to be accepted in South Finistère!

If you have booked your campsite near Penmarc'h, Loctudy or Lesconil, here you are in the heart of the Bigouden country, a territory of Brittany with its own rules and codes to decipher. If you want to have a good holiday and get bigoudens accepted, ladies, you'll have to wear the famous bigouden headdress, you know, the one you see in the Tipiak ad. If they see you and tell you you're competing with Eckmühl's lighthouse, that's a good sign.

In the meantime, we wish you a good April and we look forward to seeing you next month for a new "serious" article!

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Published on 29/03/2018 into : Finistère