Campsite in Assérac in Brittany

Your camping holiday in Asserac, between southern Brittany and Loire-Atlantique

Located between Pénestin in the Morbihan and La Baule in Loire-Atlantique, Assérac is a charming coastal town in a designated Natura 2000 site, north of the Guérande peninsula. A popular spot with windsurfers and kitesurfers, Assérac boasts one of the best preserved dune areas in Loire Atlantique : Pont Mahé. The fauna and flora is simply outstanding.

Campsite in Assérac in Brittany

The bays of Pont-Mah and Pen-Bé, must-sees during your stay in Assérac

A designated Natura 2000 site, the bay of Pont-Mahé is a mecca for boardsports, kitesurf and windsurf fanatics. The regular south-west to north-west orientated winds and glassy waves at high tide no doubt have a lot to do with it ! Surrounded by a pine forest, the beach at Pont-Mahé also attracts a lot of tourists in the summer season. The water is not too deep on the beachfront so children can swim in safety and it is very family-friendly. If you feel the cold, you may prefer the beach at Pont-Mahé as the temperature of the water is warmer than the other beaches in Loire-Atlantique (up to 25°C in the summer !). There are several beaches in the bay of Pen-Bé on what is known as the « Route des Coquillages », some of which are sheltered from the strong winds. At low tide, shellfish gatherers can fill their baskets with mussels, cockles, clams, oysters and velvet crabs. So grab your buckets and fishing nets !

Walking, hiking and exploring the Brière Regional Natural Park

During your stay in Assérac, discover the numerous hiking trails on foot, by bike or on horseback and experience the beauty, history and culture of southern Brittany : chapels, fountains, lodges, manor houses and mills… Whether your walks take you along the coast and beaches, through the dunes and forests, along the renowned customs officers’ path (GR 34), the Pen-Bé moors or Mès salt marshes, nature lovers will be in their element ! Further afield, discover Arzal’s flood barrier or the Château de Ranrouët in Herbignac in the heart of the Brière Regional Natural Park.


  • The oyster and mussel farms at Pen Bé.
  • Visit of the salt pans on the river of Mès and learn about the saltworkers trade and how the famous Guérande salt is harvested.
  • Summer market at Pont-Mahé which takes place every Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm.
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