How to choose your tent

Tents today come in all shapes and sizes, from small pop-up tents to modular tents, fully equipped Lodge tents and even cardboard tents !   The tent industry is constantly updating its products. Here are a few tips to help you choose your ideal tent and awaken the camping spirit in you !

Dome tents and pop-ups : ready to camp in a blink of an eye

If you are a true camper at heart you will no doubt be familiar with the dome tent.  Over the past few years it has simply wiped out the good old orange and blue cotton ridge tents !

The sports shop, Décathlon, has seduced many a camper with its Quechua tent which unfolds within seconds (although it takes longer to pack it away !).  Since then, instant tents have taken the market by storm. Very practical if you are visiting several campsites during your holiday in Brittany !

Although pop-up tents are no longer a novelty, manufacturers are still coming up with new ideas all the time.  For example, the pod tent, a modular tent with interconnection tunnels giving you plenty of space and privacy.  A revolutionary design !

Inflatable tents : no more broken tent poles

Not everyone is an expert at setting up a tent !  For some, it’s an impossible challenge.  The inflatable tent could be the answer to your problem !
One of the main advantages of an inflatable tent is the speed in which you can set it up.  It takes just a few minutes.  Your camping neighbours will be well impressed !

The inflatable tent is also more resistant in storms and high winds.  Tent poles are replaced by inflatable tubes which move with the wind.   The perfect choice if you are planning on camping on the coast in Brittany !

The lodge tent : get close to nature without the compromise on comfort

If you can’t decide between a tent or a mobile home for your next holiday in Brittany, discover a new camping trend : Glamping,  a fuison of glamour and camping.  A simple tent becomes a luxurious, fully furnished lodge tent, all set up for you in advance.

Safari Lodge, Ecoluxe, Coco Sweet, Woody… the range of furnished tents offer home from home comforts (equipped kitchen, several bedrooms, separate toilet), in a cosy canvas and wooden cabin.  But beware, purists and traditional camping enthusiasts will accuse you of cheating !

Cardboard tent : a single use, eco-friendly tent

Have you ever thought of sleeping in a cardboard tent ?  They originate from the Netherlands, a start-up company called Kartent manufactures biodegradable tents made from 100% cardboard which are 100% recyclable.  Easy to set up, eco-friendly and economical, this pop-up tent weighs less than 600 grams and sleeps two people.  The basic model costs about 15 euros.

Obviously, the cardboard tent will never replace the canvas tent, especially as it can only survive 4 consecutive days of rain.  Maybe it’s best not to take the risk in Brittany ;).  However, the cardboard tent is a big hit at Breton festivals !

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Publié le 25/10/2019 dans : Bretagne